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Bkid Brooklyn

A Playgroup en Español

What is Bkid?

Bkid is a Play-Based/Child-Center Spanish Immersion Playgroup for up to 6 kids between the walking stage and 4 years old. It takes place in a home set-up, designed to provide a well-rounded experience that includes art, music, cooking, mindfulness and yoga, to ensure that young children become confident, joyful and fully prepared to later on, have an organic transition and enter a school setting.

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Our Educational Approach

Play and Learn
Spanish Immersion
Mindful Teaching
Music and Learning

What Parents Say About Us

—  Jennifer Friedman, Eliza & Dahlia’s Mom

"I cannot rave enough about Natalia – she is a wonderful teacher, energetic, warm and creative. Natalia consistently engages her students through music and art. Eliza and Dahlia love going to her classes and come home talking about the arepas they’ve made and singing new songs in Spanish. We specifically sought out a Spanish immersion environment for them and their Spanish has continued to improve with Natalia’s instruction"