A Day at Bkid

With young children, all the important things are happening while playing and interacting with their surroundings: they are engaged, they are mentally present and they are learning! We’ve also observed in our sessions that children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun. That is because emotions in social processing and cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving skills, mathematics and language, are totally linked. This means that any type of learning, such as learning Spanish, if it is given in a warm, fun context, it will be absorbed incredibly well.


BKid sessions evolve based on a Spanish-Immersion/Child-Centered/Emergent Curriculum, which means all our activities en español are proposed each day by the children. BKid facilitates these choices with the love, guidance and creativity of the experienced teacher and the support of a well-equipped space, creating developmentally appropriate activities that are unique to the children/group and unique to the specific moment.

    At BKid, we do not have a daily goal. We play along with the feelings and interests of each day… Always en español.

What Our Day Looks Like

Please consider that this is just a reference. Each day is unique, as unique as your child. We do not always stick to a specific schedule, in case an unexpected, amazing surprise arises… 


¡Llegan los Niños!

(Drop Off)

We have the first DING DONG! Natalia says “¡Hola!” through the intercom and the kid (and most of the times the parent too) answers back “¡Hola!”

Parents say “Adios” at the door and kids start taking off shoes, jackets, backpacks to hang them in a coat rack with assistance.

Kids explore and play freely with the toys displayed that morning (sometimes they find surprises like a thematic decoration or changes in the space) while the other kids arrive.


Momento Juntos

(Together Time or Circle Time)

This is the well known “Circle Time”. Since in reality this tends to look more like a zigzag line with a dot in front, we prefer to call it: Together Time!

We sit in front of a magnetic wall and the first thing we do is pick a shaker egg. Then, children start listening about colors in Spanish.

We sing the good morning song: Teacher says ¡Buenos dias! to each child and describes their clothes (colors, animals, figures found in their clothing): camiseta roja con un oso amarillo. Kids love this part and are always eager to show the rest of the kids their colors and figures in their shirts and pants.

With the use of songs and images, we start discussing the weather, the days of the week and the seasons: Hoy es lunes y está soleado. 

At the end of Together Time we ask how many arepas we have to make and how big we have to make them “¿grandes o pequeñas?”

While all this is happening, children are sharing stories. After that, the teacher and children start talking about the next activities.


Haciendo Arepas & Juego Libre

(Arepa Making & Free Play)

While we make arepas, some kids start playing with toys that are strategically placed within reach of games we have discussed during Together Time. Some other kids prefer to observe or participate only in the arepa making.


Proyecto de Arte 

(Art Project)

For example, today we are going to make a huge caterpillar! One day, during our Together Time, one of the kids had a caterpillar on his T-shirt and other kids got really excited to share a story they knew about a caterpillar: The Very Hungry Caterpillar! The teacher shared that she also knew a story of a caterpillar or “oruga” en español, and proposed that we all made a huge caterpillar with paints and brushes! 



Merienda y Cuento

(Snack & Story Time)

Kids pick the color of their plate and cup in Spanish: vaso rojo, plato verde, plato rosado. They sit to eat while the teacher reads “La Oruga Muy Hambrienta”.


Vamos Afuera a Explorar

(Outdoor Play)

We go out to the deck with our magnifiers to see if we can find an “oruga”. 

If we can not find an oruga, we can find leaves with holes that may have been eaten by “una oruga muy hambrienta” and we start talking about them. 


¡Musica, Danza o Yoga!

(Music, Dance or Yoga!)

We come back inside and take the percussion box to do some jamming along with happy music ¡Muchas canciones en español! that kids learn very quickly. Singing in Spanish quickly becomes a way for them to emotionally connect with the language. When they come to our next session, many of them are eager and excited to sing the song they just learned.  


Momento Juntos

(Together Time or Circle Time)

We get together and relax with some breathing exercises, reflect about our morning together, sing the songs we have been singing in the past and then we sing our goodbye song: Hasta mañana, hasta mañana, éste día se acabó. 


Getting Ready

We put on our shoes and get ready for pick up. DING DONG! Rings the bell again and we say “¡Adios Natalia!” “¡Adios a todos! Hasta la próxima. See you next time!”