Bkid is a Play-Based/Child-Center Spanish-Immersion Playgroup for children between the walking stage and 4 years old. Class sizes are no larger than six children.  Located in a home setting, Bkid is designed to provide a well-rounded experience that includes art, music, cooking, mindfulness and yoga. The goal of Bkid is to ensure that young children become confident, joyful and fully prepared for an organic transition to a formal school setting.


    As teachers and as parents raising kids in Brooklyn, we have been amazed to observe the distinctiveness of children raised here. Brooklyn kids are multicultural, open-minded, multilingual, artistic, creative, aware, rebellious, diverse and curious!


    Our sessions are inspired by our community, the families and the children from our neighborhoods.

What is Bkid


¡Hola a todos!

    Me llamo Natalia Marcou and I am the owner, creator and playgroup leader of Bkid. How did Bkid start? First and foremost, I am the mother of two (almost amazing) daughters, Ella and Gala. Raising them has inspired me to pursue the opening of BKid, an idea I had in mind for many years.

    I was born and raised in Venezuela and I grew up in a house where both of my parents were wonderful educators. Thus, from and early age, they transmitted their love and dedication for teaching. They also instilled in me their love for music and dance, which derived in learning how to play the piano and “cuatro” (a Latin American ukulele) at a young age. 

     In my early adulthood, I earned a BA in International Affairs in Venezuela and then I moved to Argentina to get an MBA in Entertainment and Media. I had multiple jobs in the field in different countries, which broadened my perspective of the world and deepened my interest in learning and transmitting knowledge about other cultures. Later, I moved to Brooklyn and all the pieces came into place to finally pursue my dream job: to work as a teacher for young kids and transmit a multicultural education. 

    In 2001, I began pursuing an educational career. I have worked at leading Spanish playgroups in different play-spaces in New York, such as Busybodies. I also taught at the International School of Brooklyn in their after school program and in the last 4 years, I owned and operated a Spanish Immersion Program under the name Tikitá, which was promoted through cottageclass.com. This last experience consolidated my educational methodology that includes all my passions and strengths: a very mindful education transmitting the importance of open mindfulness, love, care, diligence and creativity while dancing, cooking, singing and doing lots of other fun activities. 

    The activities mentioned above come from my own personal interests and hobbies that I have implemented with my kids and in my own life. When I am not working, I love to dance, play the piano and “cuatro”, run in the park, do yoga, rock climb, meditate and experiment with vegan recipes. 

    I am truly grateful I can do what I love, while connecting with families from the New York community and sharing with my students, who teach me something new every day. Bienvenidos a Bkid Brooklyn!

Who is Natalia Marcou


The program is developed in a homelike environment with all the supplies and equipment needed in a classroom to have a warm and fun learning experience. The space has a main room, a small room and an outdoor area. The main room is where the piano is located and the activities of music, dance, cooking and games take place. The small room is a separate area where kids have access to toys and games and where all the educational and art supplies are kept. The big outdoor deck is where we move, look for insects, do landscaping, make messy art projects and play with water when the weather gets warm.

About the Space