Montessori Preschool

What is a Montessori Preschool?

A Montessori preschool is one you have probably heard of already as a parent, as it entails a famous teaching philosophy that gives children an educational foundation for much of the rest of their lives. In this educational environment, students sit at desks together and learn like other kids do, but they are allowed to get up and explore different types of learning on their own through experiences with those items or lessons. These items are all hands-on and age appropriate for these children as well. Socialization is also a major part of Montessori learning.

Montessori's preschools are very specific and teach kids in a way that is different from others. They also are more structured and desired by parents then most other preschools out there, so you may have to put your child on a waiting list very early to be able to get into the Montessori preschool that you believe to be best for them.