Part Time Preschool

When to Consider Part Time Preschool


A part-time preschool is something that many people don’t consider because they don’t know it even exists in many cases. New parents often learn as they go and what many are surprised to find out is that many preschools will work with them in regard to pick-up times for their children so it works for their own schedule.


So a part-time preschool is ideal for babies who have a parent who just needs a few hours while they do personal errands or some short term work. It is also a great place for a kid who falls between baby and toddler and needs to be watched but also should be getting socialized with other kids.


Most of these part-time preschool programs are for two to three hours in the morning or in the middle of the day, with a set pick up time. However, ask the preschool’s you are thinking about attending for more details.