How to Start a Playschool of Your Own

Many kids will need to go to a play school of some sort to give their parents a break to go to work or do basic chores, starting one of your own might be a very lucrative career move. However, it’s easier said than done.


First, you will need to have some sort of education in how to take care of children, like early child development. Then you will need a clean record, as you will be background checking yourself and every single person you hire. You’ll probably want to locate your playschool in an area where people can afford to send their children somewhere for the day—think a big city or in the suburbs of a big city.


Then you will need a location that has plenty of play space, both inside and out, for your child to experience. This means you not only need to find that space but also outfit it. And most importantly, you truly have to love children and not the income they will bring!