Reggio Emilia Preschool

What is a Reggio Emilia Preschool?

Reggio Emilia preschools are those that are focused on a specific type of learning environment, like Montessori and child centered preschools. It is an educational philosophy which is student centered and constructive using self-directed and experiential learning through relationships with other students and teachers alike.


In other words, reggio emilia students will play with toys and do activities together to learn from each other as well as on their own. Teachers will instruct at times but will also sit back and facilitate the kids as they learn on their own, providing some order and support along the way. More and more preschools and primary schools have been using the Reggio emilia philosophy in their classrooms with great results.


Ask the preschool or primary you are thinking of enrolling your child at what they use and if it’s reggio emilia, make sure to observe it in action! There are many other philosophies out there as well which are equally as effective.